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The Cube

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The Cube 3x3x3x and 2x2x2 Cuby Bundle: WOOOOOW CUBE! THE BEST CLASSIC TOYS SINCE 1970's - Grandparents, parents and kids definitely love this brainteaser puzzle toy. Bring puzzle solving challenges to a whole new level - endless fun and learning.

  • PREVENT SCREEN ADDICTION WITH THIS NEXT GENERATION OF CUBES - Offer a non-technology alternative to those addicting gadgets. This is the perfect opportunity to talk, listen, play, visit places and engage with your elders and kids.
  • INCREDIBLE NEURODEVELOPMENT BENEFITS - Recommended by child development experts! Enhance brain activity by solving this funfilled puzzle game cubes.
  • THE PERFECT TRAVEL BUDDY - No dull moments with this nostalgic toy! Light-weight, safe and durable, you can bring The Cube with you anytime anywhere.
  • WE HAVE YOUR BACK. We are committed to give you a fun and exciting play time. If you have any problems with our toys or are not satisfied with its operation we will be happy to grant you a full refund or ship you a replacement.